Funding: Alliance Program for Sustainable Development (APSD)      

Alliance has a bipolar space of actions promoting growth and development on both the economic, social and human levels through its two Platforms, namely: The Entrepreneurship Platform and the Investment Platform.

These two strategic instruments are logically in line with the agenda of the Alliance for Sustainable Development (PADD), which is the Alliance's Strategy for Economic and Human Development.
The main mission of the PADD falls within the general framework of that of the Alliance which is to support the growth of the Economy of Nations in order to contribute to the prosperity and the reduction of the poverty of the peoples.

The main actions of the Alliance summarizing in  TECHNICAL and  FINANCIAL support to development actors 

  This action revolves around the three (03) points:

1- Creation of a strong platform bringing together investors and developers 
2- Provide innovative financing solutions to the projects of our clients;
3 - Finding the best sources of investment for our investor members

- Ensure the productivity of our projects developers
- Ensure the sustainability of the activities of our projects developers
- Guarantee the investment of our investor members

Practical arrangements:

Via our investment company, BEST INVESTMENT GROUP, We are  Fund Provider with over $11.5 billion USD (across 6 Funds: USA - EUROPE - ASIA) under management, and are capable of funding anywhere in the world; except where sanctions, embargo’s, or prohibitive currency policies would preclude us from doing so. We invest in a variety of industry sectors and are capable of investing, up to, 100% of the funds you intend to raise. Our investment strategy does not require, or convert to, equity at any point in our investment cycle.

Submit your request via our FINANCIAL FORM, filled and send to : FINANCIAL FORM

Only the projects selected will received our Financing Letter of Intent Agreement


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