Q1 / What must we know about WAA and its approach to funding?


A1: World Alliance for Africa is an institution of human development and project financing; it has an economic, social and humanitarian character. Our methodology for the development of a nation is based on the principle of creativity and productivity of every citizen; it is a developed nation that gives rise to a developed nation. To this end we make a difference between debt financing and full funding policy: IDENTIFY (Poles and strategic development actors) - TRAIN - FINANCE - FRAME.

Q2 / How to get funding for my project with WAA?

A2: By simply joining our platform as a Member Funding Program (MFP) or Member of Investment Program (MIP).

Q3 / Who and how to become a member of WAA?

A3: Any natural or legal person; WAA on its platform includes individual projects, businesses, local authorities and private and public infrastructure.
Find out online, print and complete the pre submission form and to withdraw your project kit from our administration projects or
Send your manifests or via the contact form on the official website of the institution.


Q4 / What are the conditions of accession to the funding platform?


Five hundred (€ 500) Euros for African countries
One thousand (€ 1000) Euros for  outside Africa
This membership fee gives you full access to the privileges and benefits of the Organization;

Q5 / What is the minimum and maximum amount of funding?

A5: The minimum amount is one million Euros or USD
We can fund over $10 billion dollars on a scheduled basis; ahead of your burn rate.

Q6 / Depending on funding policy, what is coaching?

A6: We position ourselves upstream and downstream of the financing granted to our members for their productivity; our project advisors are responsible to monitor and regulate the activities of micro-projects supporting members. Our monitoring and evaluation committee composed of accountants, economists, development planners, lawyers etc, ensure the proper execution of the projects we fund through the African continent.


Q7 / Have you already funded and what is your current level of activity?

A7: Yes of course! We have financed several projects in Côte d'Ivoire, conducted and concluded financing contracts in other African countries (Uganda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ghana ... ..)
Outside of Africa, INDIA, DUBAI, USA....
We have a fairly large volume of work already carried out in so little time:
WAA currently has a database:
- Thousand (1000) promoters,

- Five hundred (500) companies and one hundred (100) affiliated Communities
WAA is more than five hundred (500) members trained promoters and two hundred and fifty (250) formalized projects.

Q8 / What is your scope and areas of activities eligible for your financing?

A8: We are able to finance anywhere in the world with as geographical priority countries in Africa; except in areas under sanctions, embargoes, political instability ... that would prevent us from doing so.
All sectors are eligible for funding through WAA, with the exception of certain activities included in the exclusion list established by the Organization. Guided by the development objectives and sustainable growth in the economic and social order, AMA focuses on areas with great potential for economic and social development.

Q9 / What guarantees me get my funding after my membership to the platform?

A9: Two key factors:
- Our financial capacity based on financial partners LOCAL FINANCIAL STRUCTURES compound, first-class international BANKS, of FUNDER, to PLATFORMS FINANCIAL INVESTORS in ASIA, EUROPE and US. We have a physical presence in the heart of the global financial system with a physical installation in one of our executive member based in Dubai (UAE).


Q10 / What could be the obstacles to the granting of my funding?

A10: No! We finance all creditworthy promoters and all fundable projects because we are in logic of making things possible.


Q11 / A share financing, can we have other opportunities? If so which ones?

A11: Yes, except for the AMA financing remains the best platform for business opportunities and business development. We provide our members with specialized services:
Getting business relationship, counseling, monitoring, supervision..... Market Analysis, Investment products, offers services and feasibility studies, B2B market Services, Legal Services for the formalization for affiliated companies wishing entry the African market.

Q12 / What is the duration, the cost of training and the process of getting my funding?

A12: Four hours (4H) practical training on two topics given by experts and for free.
Minimum time for direct financing of bankable is seven days.
Minimum time for funding through WAA is bankable fortnight.





Important: Economic growth occurs in a country where FAMILIES and COMPANIES have the opportunity to WORK, to SAVE & and INVEST.